Community Investment Strategy Review - Community Roundtable Availability

What's the issue?
In Fall 2015, City Council approved a refocussing of the Community Investment Funding programs. The Community Investment Funding programs are time-limited, project-based funding totalling approximately $3 million. The purpose of the review is to:
The City depends on a thriving community-based sector as a key partner in achieving the City’s strategic goals. Over the years, the City strategies have been developed with community sector and resident input with goals to:
  • strengthen neighbourhoods across Toronto;
  • reduce poverty;
  • support a range of equity-seeking groups including newcomers, seniors, undocumented workers, and youth vulnerable to violence and crime;
  • reduce human trafficking; and,
  • increase Toronto residents' wellbeing.
What happens next?
We are bringing community representatives like you together, starting in June, to generate practical ways to strengthen our grant making.
The City is committed to ensuring the refocused grant programs respond to the community sector needs guided by the following core values of the City's grants policy: responsiveness, accessibility, accountability, openness and transparency, and diversity and equity.
We want your ideas on all grants processes – from making it easier for both grassroots and larger groups to apply for funding, to what the City's role might be in providing  resources to help strengthen groups in fulfilling their missions, to what the range of project grant amounts should be and how long projects should be funded for.

Come reshape grant programs with us!
Your input will reshape the current grant programs and processes to make them more accessible, transparent and accountable. A staff report of recommendations gathered from your input will be presented to Council for approval in fall 2016. The new grant programs will be launched in 2017. The grants budget of approxmiately $3 million will not be reduced as a result of the review.
There are three different ways to have your ideas heard:
  1. Online Survey (to be released in June; open to all),
  2. Community Roundtables (beginning in June; limited capacity), and
  3. Community Town Hall (in September; to get your feedback on the draft staff report based on input from the Survey and Roundtables.)

Let us know your availability!
  • Due to limited capacity, there will be a selection process to ensure diversity of participants at each Roundtable. We will be selecting participants from each of the following categories: organization size, role of representative within the organization, funded/not funded groups.
  •  Limited seating. To ensure as much representation as possible, there's a limit of 2 people total from each organization (each person will need to register separately).
If you require accommodation of special needs, please let us know. If you have any questions, please email yglynn@toronto.ca or call us at (416) 392 - 9125.


Size of your organization or group

Your role in the organization or group

Please select the Community Roundtable you would like to register for from the menu below.
Please pick only the dates that you are available to attend (you may pick more than one).
Additional Roundtables will be held in July and August if there is interest.

If you are selected as a participant, we will confirm the date of the Community Roundtable with you directly within a week of your registration. The confirmation email will include date, location, and time along with additional information to help you participate in the consultation.

Has your organization or group ever applied to any of these City of Toronto grant programs in the past?
Access, Equity and Human Rights (AEHR)
Community Safety Investment (CSI)
Community Recreation
Community Festivals
Service Development and Investment Program

If you have applied to the above grant programs in the past, did you get a grant?

Do you require accommodation for special needs?

If you are not available for the dates you picked above, please email us as soon as possible so that we can make the spots available to others. Please email Yolandy at yglynn@toronto.ca.


As mandated by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (1990) s. 27 and By-Law 974-1998 all information collected on this form, including personal information may be subject to full public disclosure which may include posting to a web site. Questions about this collection can be directed to the Supervisor of Community Funding at City Hall, 15th floor, East Tower, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2 or by telephone at 416-392-8334.