Economic Development and Culture Divisional Strategy

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The City of Toronto's Economic Development and Culture Division is developing a new Divisional Strategy to establish priorities over the next five years (2018-2022).
The Division is seeking your input on emerging opportunities, challenges and areas of focus as they relate to economic development and culture in the City.
The Division has created a Conversation Guide that highlights key emerging economic and cultural trends and challenges facing Toronto. We invite you to review the Guide and provide your thoughts and feedback using this online survey.

Please note there are no character limits to the questions below. All questions are optional and can be left blank if you do not wish to provide a response.

Does the Conversation Guide provide an accurate picture of the opportunities and challenges that the Economic Development and Culture Divisional Strategy should respond to? What is missing?

From your perspective, what is the appropriate role of the Economic Development and Culture Division alongside other City Divisions and other orders of government? Based on your experience, what is currently working well?

The Conversation Guide includes four proposed lenses to guide the development of the new strategy. The lenses include:

1) Creativity and Technology
2) Inequality and Inclusion
3) Toronto's Global Connections
4) Toronto's Local Foundations

Do the proposed lenses capture what is most important to consider as part of the strategy? Are there others that should be considered?

How should the impact of the new Economic Development and Culture Divisional strategy be measured? What are the most important indicators of success?

Please use the space below to provide any additional comments on opportunities, issues and challenges related to culture and/or economic development in Toronto that was not covered in the previous questions. Please also provide links to any documents or websites that you would like City staff to consider as part of the development of the Divisional Strategy.