Bloor Street Bike Lanes - Feedback Survey

Pilot Project: Shaw Street to Avenue Road (2016-17)
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Bloor Bike Lane east bound
The City of Toronto has installed bike lanes on Bloor Street West between Shaw Street (east of Ossington Avenue) and Avenue Road.  The bike lanes are a pilot project that will be monitored and evaluated for one year.  Results will be reported to Council in late 2017 with recommendations on whether the pilot bike lanes should be maintained, modified, or removed.

This online survey is a key part of the evaluation that will record public perception of the bike lanes and their impacts and benefits to all street users, local businesses, and the community.
We are asking for your feedback based on your experience and observations of the pilot bike lanes on Bloor Street West. We will also ask for some information about how you travel and your relationship to Bloor Street West.

The full survey should take about seven minutes to complete, or do just the "Short Answer" in about two minutes.  Please only answer this survey once.

This is not a vote. 

Public and stakeholders opinions, along with technical and policy considerations will all be used to inform City staff recommendations and decisions to be made by City Council.

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If you have any questions about this survey, please contact:

Jason Diceman
Senior Public Consultation Coordinator, City of Toronto
Tel: 416-338-2830


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